Crepidula Reefs in Buzzards Bay, MA

The Great Crepidula Reefs of Buzzards Bay - a Hotspot for Biodiversity
The discovery of several Crepidula fornicata reefs in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts presents an opportunity for the Coastal America Foundation to collaborate with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Data presented here are building blocks of mapping the reefs, understanding the ecological role of the reefs and identification of the benthic community dominants.  In 1955 benthic sampling of certain areas of the Bay did not identify any Crepidula fornicata present.  Now they are in numbers of 1,000 to 1,500 individauls per square meter.  This ecological evaluation will be documented here.

Massachhsetts Environmental Trust
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Massachusetts Environmental Trust supports benthic mapping in Buzzards Bay!

Massachhsetts Environmental Trust
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      The collaboration between the Coastal America Foundation and Massachusetts Maritime Academy has been granted funding from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust (MET).  This crucial funding allows additional seabed video transects to document and classify the benthic habitats in Buzzards Bay.  We encourage you to support out partners, the Massachusetts Environmental Trust, by donating and displaying a MET license plate.  Click on the above pictures or visit !

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Crepidula Reef from MACZM
CAF-A Reef ROV Video

CAF-D Crepidula Reef Video