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Narragansett Bay RI Research Program

Benthic Ecology Studies

Buzzards Bay Massachusetts
Click here to download a large video of Buzzards Bay underwater environs.
The Coastal America Foundation supports external and internal research programs.  We partner with institutions and government agencies to advance the state of marine sciences with an emphasis on ecological restoration and climate change benchmarking and adaptation.  Throughout the last several decades we have received numerous grants from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Navy, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the National Park Service.  Addtionally we have the strength of the Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership, a standing committee of the Foundation, to aid funding in ecological research and restoration.  Our staff scientists conduct research, solving problems inhibiting restoration and to examine ecological responses to climate change.

Each oyster you sponsor will filter our estuaries 24 hours a day.  Each one will filter 30 gallons per day, cleaning the water AND providing habitat and larval recruitment.  Imagine all the thousands of miles of breakwaters and jetties acting as giant filters of our estuaries.  The Coastal America Foundation has sponsored experimental oyster deployments that will allow implementation technique development as well as scientific documentation/analysis.

Restoration and Research
See oyster habitat in Cape Cod Bay near Boston
Experimenting with caged oysters in recreational lobster pots.
Oyster Deployments

Water Quality Data

HOBO data loggers in Onset MA for eelgrass and oyster ambient temperature and light. For HOBO Data Logger specifications go to:
In addition to breakwater and jetty oyster deployments, the Coastal America Foundation research team is testing oyster growth and spawning in caged deployments.
Temperature and light data
Eelgrass Transect in Buzzards Bay, MA
Flash movie
Buzzards Bay MA Rocky Habitat 2010
Scusett MA Jetty in Cape Cod Bay
R/V Teleost