Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
The Coastal America Foundation is proud to collaborate with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and piRshared to provide scientific research and education opportunities.  This page provides links to active marine science projects, videos and data streams.  Additionally our ongoing collaboration for benthic mapping of Buzzards Bay can be viewed on this site under the "Crepidula reefs" tab.

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Buzzards Bay Coalition
 MMA Water Quality Sonde 
Live Data

located at Buzzards Bay Taylor Point entrance to Cape Cod Canal
at the MMA Aquaculture and Marine Sciences Laboratory
5 minute updates
N 41.737650°    W-70.625173°

Live Canal Viewing Window

Updates every three minutes

see the window and the colors evident at 32' depth
graph displays multiple days of colors
Why is the RED so different from the BLUE and GREEN
Why dont the colors stay constant?

Air Temperature and Fish Air Monitor

MMA Aquaculture Lab, Buzzards Bay

piRshared has monitored the Fish Air Supply for several tanks in the Aquaculture lab since June 2016 and has reported two power outages, Thanks to prompt cadet attention hundreds of fish and shell fish avoided certain disaster.

Updates every 10 minutes

temperature should be between about 16 C and 24 C ! !

Last 500 temperatures

updates every 20 seconds

MMA Aquaculture Lab Temperatures